What We Do
TMSI Sports Management

Superb Expertise in Sports and Recreation

TMSI offers a plethora of services in the sports and recreation field, all of which are listed below. Please contact us today if you or your business would be interested in hearing more. 

We are the Ottawa area’s leader in sports and recreation, and we are continually adding services to our repertoire. If you have any specific needs, please contact one of our head office representatives, and we will do our best to accommodate your unique needs! 

Our Vision

To transform the recreation management industry and be a leader in our community through a commitment to positive change, innovation, and a unique approach that provides all our partners with a formula for success.

Mission Statement

TMSI Sports Management Inc. is committed to providing the customer service, products, and support to our partners that makes them profitable, inspires owners and operators to recommend us to their peers, instills pride in our employees, and that delivers an end-product that is valued and sought out by our partners’ customers and citizens of all communities.

TMSI Sports Management
TMSI Sports Management

Facility Management

  • Manage day-to-day operations
  • Customer Service
  • Human resources
  • Payroll and taxation preparation
  • Company marketing
  • We handle everything from grounds maintenance to administration

Financial Analysis and Control

  • Budget preparation and forecasts
  • Implementation of cost-effective measures
  • New ideas to reduce overhead and maximize revenue

Summer Camp Programs

  • All-Sports Camps are known throughout the Capital region
  • An 8 to 9-week summer program
  • Day-camp format
  • All counselors are High Five, and First Aid/CPR certified

Food and Beverage Operations

  • Establish restaurants and canteens
  • Development of catering services
  • Food and beverage software program

Retail Operations

  • Add revenue by attaching a retail component to your facility
  • Development of a customer service program
  • Computerized POS system


  • Turf equipment available for rent (equipment & operators)
  • Office administrative services
TMSI Sports Management


  • Domed air structure construction & management
  • Golf course management
  • Golf course design
  • Arena management
  • Sports and entertainment management
  • Food & Beverage management
  • Retail outlet management
  • Tennis club operations

Consolidation of Businesses

  • Streamlining your businesses to increase efficiency
  • Implementing cost-cutting measures without affecting services